Dining Options away from 5th Avenue

Whether you live in Playa or vacation here, there is one thing everyone knows. We have a plethora of restaurants on Quinta. Everything from elegant and expensive to pizza by the slice. But, if you`re on vacation here, you may not know what all Playenses know – there are fabulous restaurants away from Quinta. Here are some insider tips on dining like a local.

Our one and most important tip when hungry in Playa: don`t be afraid to wander away from Quinta! If you spend all your time on our famous strip you are going to miss out on many fantastic and inexpensive meals. Walking west towards the highway, especially between 30th Avenue and the beach, and north towards 46th Street opens a whole new opportunity in food exploration you may have been missing on your previous trips.


El Pirata Seafood. Calle 40 between 5th and 10th Avenue

Own by a Cozumel fisherman’s familiy this is one of the few restaurants in Playa that servs Fresh fish. We love it fried with salad, rice, and beans. Also go for the shrimp ceviche. Espectacular !

Asadero El Pollo Estilo Sinaloa. Avenida 15 and Calle 4 Sur


In the mood for delicious chicken? Located on the corner of Calle 2 and 20th Avenue, Asadero el Pollo Estilo Sinaloa has a whole roasted chicken, rice, and salsas for less than a glass of wine in some restaurants on Quinta.

Don Chendo Pizza. 30th Avenue between Calle 24 and Calle 26


There is always a battle amongst Playenses for who has the best pizza, Decude for yourself by doing your own taste test. Wander up to 30th Avenue and find Don Chendo between 24th and 26th street. Amazing Chicago style Pizza.

Another insider tip, be sure to ask a local! Talk to the front desk at your hotel or the Playenses you meet sitting in your favorite drinking establishment. We all have our favorites and we may even let you in on our favorite hidden gems.

Want to find out more ?? Check out our YouTube channel where we explore many more local places.







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