Why Playa ??

shutterstock_27367705-1024x745Not a day goes by that someone doesn’t ask us, “What is it like living in Playa del Carmen?”

The truth is, the answer to that question changes as often as the person asking it.  No two people are alike and everyone’s experience with Playa will be different.  Although each person’s perception and life here will vary significantly, there are some common aspects that everyone will experience.

Let me explain….   First of all, Playa del Carmen is a beach town in the Mexican Caribbean.  That means amazing weather with 320 days of sunshine every single year.  No cold snaps, no frozen water pipes and no shoveling snow.  Ever.  That means when you wake up in the morning here and enjoy a cup of coffee while watching the sun rise over the blue waters of the Caribbean, you know the weather is going to be warm and those frozen tundra blues simply will not exist.

Playa is also has a very laid back lifestyle.  “Mañana time” is prevalent and things move at a slower pace.  There is no sense of urgency here…   the hustle and bustle of the big city is far away and that hectic lifestyle in the United States or Canada is a distant memory.  Stress melts away and you will find yourself at peace.



For the retiree or the individual that is nearing retirement, Playa del Carmen is a wonderful community with a thriving expat community that has many people enjoying their golden years in paradise.  The lower cost of living makes sure that your retirement dollar goes much further and allows you to live a lifestyle that far exceeds what would be possible up north.  Especially with the Caribbean Living development – your budget goes a long way and living the dream in a tropical paradise is closer that you think.

The level of medical care here is a concern for many people of retirement age.  Fortunately, the medical care here is state of the art.  Major hospitals both in Playa del Carmen and Cancun provide all the services you could ever want or need.  And if you do feel the desire to go get care in the States, it’s a very short flight – less than an hour to Florida and under 4 hours to anywhere in the continental US.

That’s another huge perk to the Riviera Maya!  Sure, there are beach paradises many places in the world – Thailand, Australia, etc…   but those can be up to a 24 hour plane flight to get home.  Want to see your grandkids?  Easy – straight flight out of Cancun International Airport which is a 45 minute drive from Playa del Carmen.  And then less than 4 hours and you are hugging your grandkids and giving them cool gifts from your new home in the Caribbean.


Change of Pace…  Beach life

shutterstock_34003474Chances are, the pace of life in Playa del Carmen is much slower than where you are from.  It can take some time getting used to.  There’s no hurry…   There’s no rush.  The beaches are there and the water is warm year round.  There are many great restaurants as a plethora of small little food joints where you can find cuisine from around the world.

The people are friendly and there is never a lack of things with which to occupy your time.  Many who come here learn to slow down and relaxfor the first time in their adult life.  Relax on the beach, stretch out in a hammock, or simply sit at a local café and watch the world go by while sipping a coffee.


Living in Playa del Carmen

shutterstock_58575022Life in Playa del Carmen is pretty damn amazing.  It can be anything you want it to be, from a small Mexican town and quiet retirement haven to a place to build a life and family…   or simply just a place to party and meet like-minded people on the beach.  There is something for everyone here.  I heard when I first got down here from the many expats that call this home, that people come to Playa either because they are running from something or running TO something.

Most of the people I’ve met here have been trying to find something…   someplace where they can feel free and accepted.  Someplace they can call home…   a place that soothes their spirit.  Many find it here.  You will meet people here that came on vacation and loved it so much, they simply never got back on the plane to go home.  Playa does that to many people.  Something draws them here.  And keeps them here…   happy.

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