Coba, ancient mayan ruins.


Coba (pronounced cō-bǝ) is an ancient Maya city on the Yucatán Peninsula, located in what is now northeastern Quintana Roo, Mexico. The site is the nexus of the largest network of stone causeways of the ancient Mayan world, and it contains many engraved and sculpted stelae that document ceremonial life and important events of the Late Classic Period (AD 600–900) of Mesoamerican civilization.

Coba was estimated to have had some 50,000 inhabitants (and possibly significantly more) at its peak of civilization, and the built up area extends over some 80 km². The site was occupied by a sizable agricultural population by the 1st century.

A sólo 40 kilómetros de Tulum, está esta impresionante zona arqueológica Maya. Aunque mucho menos famosa y visitada que Chichen Itzá, Cobá fue una importantísima ciudad construida en el período clásico. Con una extensión de 80 kilómetros cuadrados llegó a tener una población cercana a los 50 mil habitantes.

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